The ethics committee's adjudicatory chamber reasoned

The ethics committee's adjudicatory chamber reasoned

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The shocking scale of sexual abuse allegations in Haiti's national football center has been recorded in a Fifa report which outlines why Yves Jean-Bart has been banned from football for life.

The Fifpro report made a part of this investigation into alleged abuses by Jean-Bart, first revealed by the Guardian, in the Centre Technique National in Croix-des-Bouquets. It asserted the 14 of the 34 were alleged victims of Jean-Bart himself.

The ethics committee's adjudicatory chamber reasoned that Jean-Bart, who dominated Haitian football for two or more years, had committed acts of"unparalleled gravity".

"Mr Jean-Bart's conduct is just inexcusable, a disgrace for any football official," the chairperson of their adjudicatory room, Mr Vassilios Skouris, stated. "The pain and suffering he's caused his various victims of sexual abuse and harassment cannot even be fully understood, and signifies an extremely dark spot on the image and reputation of soccer as a sport loved by so many.

"While claiming he was developing Haitian football, in Cheap FIFA Coins particular women's contests and teams, Mr Jean-Bart did the exact opposite: he abused his position so as to satisfy his personal attitude of domination over the most delicate people, destroying the livelihood and lifestyles of young promising female players."