I stopped playing the game almost completely despite being

I stopped playing the game almost completely despite being

Wrote a little post about it as well and hopefully this get sorted out, since this is unacceptable.Man I have spent so many wasted hours on NBA 2K21 MT this game lol Need to download rosters the community makes for myleague it's complete bullshit but yo big up anybody who makes them and shares them... too, cease adding ur created character to the Lakers pls.It's so reassuring to see others have the Identical problem, how can we come together and make a change for the unpolished turd That's NBA 2k21

I stopped playing the game almost completely despite being the maximum rep in the area because of all the crashing and bugs. Even the most mundane tasks such as changing badges, employing the 2k telephone, changing animations will bring about the entire game to crash. I have received an email from the developers stating they marked the problems within their own database and will work to solve them"when possible" but the chances of them actually fixing the bugs in the game is very very slim.Stadia should get hold of the devs. Though this really does require the people who purchased the game to contact 2k. You should provide the connection that we can message 2k right and let them know people arent likely to stand for their scams!

It's unfortunate. I know it's too late but stop purchasing new installments in the series. Is the only way they will clean their act up. I purchased this game for $11 through a purchase but felt obligated to reunite for a number reason mentioned in the report. I feel like the series has been a cash grab for a little but moreso on Stadia's platform.Right. I'd hate for this to happen but what they are doing is improper.

Thinking about the minimal people on stadia, it's probably not profiyable to fix/update it. They would be better off removing it and reimbursing the number of individuals who purchased it. I would be surprised when they bothered porting it all nedt year.All other points stand tho and to wait this long for 2k to do something that easy us still disgraceful.

It's particularly bad on Stadia, considering there are system problems where the game slows down to a crawl. How can there be a performance issue on Stadia?The roster updates do not bother me as much as the horrendous 2+ minute load times to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins get into MyCareer game mode, as well the slowdown-freeze after playing 2-3 matches in MyCareer is game-breaking.