Steam badges worth collecting

What is a steam badge and what does the steam badge do? This article will tell players how to collect free steam badges. Continue reading.

With the upgrade of the Steam account, more and more badges can be displayed. The number of badges collected is an expression of the player's strength. The more the number, the stronger the player's combat effectiveness.

Once the steam badge event starts, the following badges will appear, which are worth collecting! For example, a recently reported event has a simple format and does not require players to spend extra money. Players who purchase Steam Level Up before the event starts here will also have an advantage in this event. Players open their account games and play games they have already bought. There are additional free games among them. Players can get game rewards after completing mission cards.

There are three main rewards for this event, and the three rewards are badges, rare items, and trophies. The first step is to complete 17 projects. The 17 projects are divided into three levels. Each completed level will give players corresponding rewards. The first level: 1 badge, 4 items; the second level: 2 badges, 2 items; the third level: 3 badges, 2 rare items.

To accomplish these goals, you need to accumulate daily tasks. Daily tasks are to receive task cards. The content of task cards changes every day. Therefore, players can safely receive task cards without worrying about injustice. Players who have not done any Buy Steam Level Up before can browse MMOSO, which is safe and reliable, with a variety of choices. There will be three tasks assigned to players every day. Any player can accept the tasks. This is all free. When you complete the daily tasks, you will receive a medal as a reward. These medals can help you with the next task.

For most Steam players, they may not know these things, mainly because they have very little correct understanding of Steam. For more content, see you next time~~