I am planning to perform Dream Mentor and want to know whether my inventory/worn

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The minigame RuneScape gold is fun but gets boring after a while, you don't really gain from it but you can purchase alter teleport tabs which could accelerate runecrafting abit. At 40 you should do natures, you shouldn't use that method of travel it is extremly slow, the abyssal method is only 30 minutes to a minuite per trip, or you could do the graahk procedure that's marginally faster but you need 59 summoning, or you could only run between the general store and character alter and unnote the pure essence, or utilize the fairy circles, all of approaches I think could be quicker then the glory into al kharid then reevaluate to natuer alter, you might be appearing longer then 3 minuites each excursion.

I've been looking at the current market and zammorak armour seems as though its going to return again but at this stage I dont believe it goes down much more should I ivest and buy some armour to sell back when its higher? Also what additional merchanting tips can you provide me? Perfect question because I'm merchanint zammy armor because we speak... This is my suggestion: 1:buy for 1.7m and sell for 1.8m ONLY once the graph is going down, otherwise you may LOSE money. 2: it takes about 6hours until you can buy/sell it, so put at the grand exchange early in the morning so when you get home from school you'll be able to purchase then sell again (and then before going to bed do it once more). 3: you get around 100k from every time, but dont buy stuff with this immediately just in case you have to buy the zammy for longer then you sold it (trust me, it occurs all of the time, and if it happens, but for maximum price IMMEDIALTY before it climbs even more. . .so you dont spend yet another 130k lol).

Hi guys. I am planning to perform Dream Mentor and want to know whether my inventory/worn items are sufficient to kill the bosses. So what do you guys say? Will I have big problems or can it be worth a try. Please OSRS Gold For Sale inform me if you recommend other items. Is a hally ok or do I need to purchase a whip?